Making a model is a creative way to produce something physical and reinforces the thinking behind a particular concept or solution as well as provides an artefact that can be used to present to others.


what is it

This is an exercise that forms part of the implementation phase, building on the best-chosen ideas, getting the team working together, turning paper into a working model.



why is it important

The physical act of making a model unifies the team in how the concept or solution will work. Any problems or errors can quickly be addressed and solved. The finished model can be presented to stakeholders to help explain how the concept or solution will work in practice.



how to do it

  1. Gather the team together around a table.
  2. Use the rough storyboard already developed to provide guidance on the process of the model you will construct together.
  3. Gather prototyping materials (e.g. coloured card, paper, cardboard, scissors, glue, tape, Lego bricks, marker pens, etc) that you will use to construct the model.
  4. Model only the important details, it will be difficult to model the entire customer journey.
  5. Focus less on debating and more on making.
  6. Think about what you will use the model for, and how you will use it to tell the story in your storyboard.
  7. When complete run-through the concept with your team and identify possible improvements.
  8. Iterate step 7 two or three times until you are satisfied that the model functions to illustrate the concept solution effectively.
  9. Photograph the model for your records. Make a short video of a run-through to share.
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