This tool is for the team to collectively identify priority stakeholders and identify how a chosen design concept might offer value to different stakeholders in different ways.


what is it

The Stakeholder Value Map is a visual map of the key stakeholders and the value propositions that a particular design solution or concept offers to them.



why is it important

A strong value proposition is a key to outstanding design. Doing this together deepens empathy for the diverse needs of different stakeholders and understand what they need to offer to, and might receive in exchange from different stakeholders. Solutions and concepts that are developed differently in the value propositions they offer.
It is also important to note that value can be measured in many different ways e.g. money; knowledge; reputation; partnerships; etc. Also, note that values flow in different directions e.g. a stakeholder might provide
funds/sponsorship to the organisation whilst receiving services and promotion.



how to do it

  1. Position the Stakeholder Value Map on a wall space where the team can gather around it.
  2. Place the chosen concept or proposed design solution in the centre of the map – a post-it note can be used or write boldly on the map itself.
  3. Choose the key stakeholders from the Stakeholder Map that was produced earlier i.e. those closest to the centre of the Stakeholder Map, and place each of these in the outer circles. The map has six outer circles but you may choose to focus on less than six or use additional maps if more than six.
  4. Collectively identify the value that is provided to/from the each of the key stakeholder within the large rectangle – again use post-it notes, using different colours for values received/given, or write on the map itself
  5. Write any key questions or discussion points on post-it notes, one per note, and post them in a separate area for later reference.
  6. Capture the completed Stakeholder Value Map with photos as a record
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